Calvin A. Porter

Associate Professor, Department of Biology
Department Head, Biology
Division Chair, Biological and Public Health Sciences
Xavier University of Louisiana

Ph.D., Texas Tech University, 1992

Courses taught at Xavier University
Biology 1030/1030LGeneral Biology (non-science majors)
Biology 1040/1040LGeneral Biology (non-science majors)
Biology 1230/1230LGeneral Biology
Biology 1240/1240LGeneral Biology
Biology 2000/2000LBiodiversity
Biology 3141/3141LGeneral Zoology
Biology 3350LAnatomy and Physiology Laboratory
Pharmacology 3450L    Human Physiology and Anatomy Laboratory
Biology 4011SHonors Seminar
Biology 4091/4091LComparative Vertebrate Anatomy
Biology 4210Introduction to Scientific Literature
Biology 4320Organic Evolution

Areas of Interest:  Evolution, Systematics, Mammalogy, Herpetology, 
Molecular Biology, Field Biology, Natural History.

Curriculum Vitae


ResearchGate Profile

Religious Responses to Evolution                        Southeastern Louisiana Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Group         

Richard D. Porter Research and Photography                    National Center for Science Education                    Xavier Biology Club

Spotted Bat
(Euderma maculatum)

Texas Horned Lizard
(Phrynosoma cornutum)

Chisos Mountans
Big Bend National Park, Texas

Merriam's Kangaroo Rat
(Dipodomys merriami)

Milk Snake
(Lampropeltis triangulum)

Striped Skunk
(Mephitis mephitis)

Little Striped Whiptail
(Aspidoscelis inornata)

(Agkistrodon contortrix)


My Academic Mentors
Sites, Jack W.
Dr. Jack W. Sites, Jr.
M.S. Advisor 1983-1986
Brigham Young University

Dr. Robert J. Baker
Ph.D. Advisor
Texas Tech University

Dr. Morris Goodman
Postdoctoral Advisor 1992-1997
Wayne State University
School of Medicine

Dr. Richard E. Tashian
Postdoctoral Advisor 1997-1998
University of Michigan
Medical School
Jack Sites' Creepy FriendsIf You Don't Clean up
Your Act, You'll End
up at Texas Tech

Faculty Profile

My Academic Lineage
Ph.D., 1992 
Texas Tech University
Dr. Robert J. Baker
Ph.D., 1967
University of Arizona
Advisor:  Dr. E. Lendell Cockrum
E. Lendell Cockrum
Ph.D., 1950
University of Kansas
Advisor:  Dr. E. Raymond Hall

Ph.D., 1928
University of
California, Berkeley
Advisor:  Dr. Joseph Grinnell
Ph.D., 1913
Stanford University
Advisor:  Dr. Charles H. Gilbert 
Indiana University

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